BUSINESS ART for Melbourne Office

Business Art for Melbourne Office. When a company changes corporate colour, they change desks, chairs and reception area. But the most obvious choice would be the walls or…. wall art. Business Art. This clever company asked for an updated artwork behind the Directors desk to match these new changes. Bits of charcoal and a beautiful […]

Graysonline Abstract Artist Mendo Vasilevski is here!

Graysonline Abstract Artist, my story of online auctions… You found me! The artist that produced hundreds of artworks for Graysonline Abstract Artist Range. This is a feel good story too, not just a landing page for the many people still trying to find me. You have found me again! For others that didn’t know I […]

Meditative Art Trance (M.A.T.) – How artists make you stop and smell the roses…..I mean canvas ;)

Meditative Art Trance (M.A.T.) When you stare into an artwork you aren’t looking at the picture alone. It is a series of flow state moments, a visual diary of the meditation seasons the artist went through. This is when the artist loses track of time and just goes with the flow. I remember once having […]

What is an Artistic Vacuum and why every Artist needs one !

Artistic Vacuum What is an Artistic Vacuum? An “artistic vacuum” is when you look within yourself to inspire your art. All your potential is inside you already and it just needs to be released. You shouldn’t release it though inspiration via social media, internet searches or the last gallery you were at. Be inspired by the things you […]

Melbourne Art Studio Visits – for art consultation only

Melbourne Art Studio Visits – for art consultation only I now offer Studio visits for serious buyers that want to see the range &/or get made something for their room. It actually works better than onsite consultation as the buyer gets to see the colours and sizes of the artworks & get to touch them.  […]

Art Consultant

Art Consultant in Melbourne A truly great artwork is something that has meaning to you and your family. I’m an art consultant in Melbourne who will create the artwork you have never found. My name is Mendo & I’m a fulltime artist. I’m based in Melbourne but have consulted and created artworks locally in Melbourne to […]

HOME ART – designed for you & your home

HOME ART People are much smarter shoppers now. Home Art has gained popularity while prints and imports are second place. The movement to is due people wanting more original pieces & even the TV series The Block has educated people their value. However, Home Art is one of the hardest decisions people make for home decor. It’s usually […]

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