HOME ART Commissions

Let Mendo bring the gallery to your Melbourne home or you can visit the studio (by appointment).


Creating personalized home art is an opportunity to infuse your space with a reflection of your unique personality and style. For clients located both interstate and internationally, Mendo facilitates the process by inviting them to share photos of their room and color preferences. If decision-making proves challenging, rest assured that Mendo is adept at providing guidance tailored to your preferences, ensuring a satisfying outcome that aligns with your taste.

Interested in a more hands-on approach? You’re cordially invited to schedule a visit to the studio, where you can engage in an in-depth discussion with Mendo over a cup of coffee. Here, the artwork comes to life beyond the confines of a computer screen, allowing you to experience firsthand the vibrant colors and intricate details. You’ll find that this personal touch enhances your appreciation of the art and leads to a gratifying collaboration.

Melbourne Art Gallery that comes to you…

 COMMERCIAL ART commissions

Artwork for an office or boardroom can be extremely particular to the company. A gallery won’t visit your workplace, let alone bring samples to show you. Mendo is the gallery and artist all rolled into one. This ensures branding requirements and gives the atmosphere that company wants to reflect to their clients and to their staff.  If your workplace had a face, this would be the company portrait.



Would you like your room to join the gallery? Contact Mendo to find out about the art process. You don’t need to live in Melbourne either. Mendo ships worldwide.

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