Graysonline Abstract Artist Mendo Vasilevski is here!

Graysonline Abstract Artist, my story of online auctions…

You found me! The artist that produced hundreds of artworks for Graysonline Abstract Artist Range. This is a feel good story too, not just a landing page for the many people still trying to find me. You have found me again! For others that didn’t know I will tell you about the great 8 year relationship I had with Graysonline, when they had an Art category. My Story… I found the Graysonline site and didn’t understand it and how it works, so I sent them an email. They actually called me back instead of emailing to my surprise. Graysonline said they didn’t deal with artist and only galleries but they liked my art, so much that they said they would give it a go. They asked I send five artworks that they liked on my website. I was casually working at Big Picture People a few days a week while still pursuing my painting career. I was at work when I saw the results finish at 12 noon, my 5 artworks all sold. I then opened up a Word document and typed up a letter of resignation and that was my last shift (after 2 months). I somehow had that much of a weird belief that this was going to be a great thing that I quit the cash flow and went for my dream, a larger audience. This relationship went through 8 years in the good hands of Amanda Benson and Cathy Brown. Both renowned for their knowledge in Australian Art. I even flew over there a few times to say hi and see my artworks locked in a large refrigerator next to vintage wines! Unfortunately after Cathy Brown left the department the auctions didn’t work right and I pulled out. However, this was one of the best experiences of my life, to create artwork that was sent throughout Australia on a weekly basis. The best thing about these years was that I could experiment as much as I liked as I had direct feedback from clients, an auction. I sold around 2000 artworks with Graysonline. – Mendo Vasilevski
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