Custom abstract art by Mendo




Let me make it simple, I do this every day…and I love it !






YES. Any size can be chosen. The largest I have made to date on one piece canvas was 3.6 x 1.8 metres. The canvas can also be made custom down to the millimetre if required. I generally give you a few options of ready made canvas and then we go from there.

YES. A good amount of customers choose colours from their environment (pillow cases, colour schemes, bed spreads, etc) & make it part of the their space. Don’t be afraid to ask what you want. I will give you guidance to make sure the colours do exactly what you want them to do to create the right feeling.

That can be tricky to answer. A rough guide would be $800-$1200 per square metre. This depends on the size you order, the number of artworks & the complexity of the artwork. Just contact me for a free quote.

YES. If you live in Melbourne or surrounding then I can come out & see what the project needs. Call or email me today. Just like in this video!




YES. My studio is based in Viewbank, Melbourne. Buying art from companies online can be….how can I say this, a bit misleading. The quality tends to be bad & the photos tend to be too good to be true. I am the complete opposite, if you like the photo then you are going to love the artwork. All my artworks look better in person so I encourage a visit (arranged by appointment – just send me a text, email or call)


YES. I quote artworks for any location, mainly Australia because we are the best 🙂 . Some people even send me photos of their space and then tell me their favourites from my website, and then we start from there. Let’s finally get the artwork you want up on your wall(s) !