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Mendo Vasilevski is a professional Australian artist at the heart of Modern Contemporary Abstract Art – designing and creating custom art such as Home Art & Commercial Art. Inspired by his life’s dedication to art and it’s ability to make people feel !

His art is collected by the Chairman of the Singapore Gallery, displayed in the LEXUS showrooms of Melbourne & the boardroom of Realestate.com.au. Many of his clients have multiple artworks because they are so touched by his artworks and his down to earth persona.


Some people like to do things by halves. Mendo Vasilevski is not one of those people. This Melbourne artist is the king of high-velocity hue, producing artworks that are bold, bright and definitely eye-catching…….If you want art that’s anything but boring, Mendo is your go-to guy.

Chris Carroll - TV Presenter, Stylist & Author / The Life Creative

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This is the Melbourne Art Gallery that will come to you. These artworks are contemporary, modern and made to suit your decor and your personality. Australian Art that is remarkably priced.

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