Meditative Art Trance (M.A.T.) – How artists make you stop and smell the roses…..I mean canvas ;)

Meditative Art Trance (M.A.T.)

When you stare into an artwork you aren’t looking at the picture alone. It is a series of flow state moments, a visual diary of the meditation seasons the artist went through. This is when the artist loses track of time and just goes with the flow. I remember once having my Father enter the studio at 5:30am on his way out to work. He couldn’t believe I had stayed up all night painting artworks and hadn’t gone to sleep, in fact I hadn’t even sat down…I paint standing up.

Just think of the many times in your life you walked past an artwork and stopped to see more into it. What about people in galleries and museums. They are addicted to getting quick awe inspiring chill-out sessions. If you can relax, feel love, energy, sorrow, thought provocation, happiness or anger over staring at a static image you know the artist has done an amazing job.

My favourite analogy of an artwork in a room is like having different music playing in different rooms. The artwork should set the mood of the room. The artworks I have in my home are calming, uplifting or energetic…and they’re not all mine 🙂


-Mendo Vasilevski


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