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Art Consultant in Melbourne

A truly great artwork is something that has meaning to you and your family. I’m an art consultant in Melbourne who will create the artwork you have never found. My name is Mendo & I’m a fulltime artist. I’m based in Melbourne but have consulted and created artworks locally in Melbourne to Milwaukee, USA. Being an art consultant in Melbourne means I can drive to your home or business and show you real examples of my artworks. I bring a huge catalogue and show photos of completed art projects in people’s homes and business.

If you need an art consultant in Melbourne to come out & guide you to the perfect piece then you have found the only person that can deliver! Having me, the artist, in the room with you, I can tell you what is going to work for the artwork & the room.




Art Consult in Melbourne

Art Consulting in Melbourne

Art Consultant

art consulting with an artist…

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<p>Born and raised in the Melbourne, Mendo is a professional full time<br /> Abstract Artist of 9 years. His precocious talent started by drawing as a child which led to street art, graphic design and industrial design,<br /> eventually finding a home in studio art. Like most people Mendo chased the formula of life of getting good grades at University for a good job. Even after achieving honours in Microbiology, Mendo went back to his real passion, ART. His great learnings during his thesis in a laboratory taught him to work autonomously and gave him the love for experimenting. These experiments are what you see in Mendo’s works.</p>