Melbourne Artist

Melbourne Artist leaving his mark on Melbourne

I’m using my Melbourne Artist influence to make a series of artworks to show my love for the city that has given me so much influence. Street Art & Graffiti were my first love before Abstract Art became my focus. So it’s always fun to jump back into my former techniques and subject matter. This series incorporates my abstract & stencil art techniques to come up with a completely original series. Unlike most street art, this is actually for sale. My vandalism days are over & now people can enjoy something that really encapsulates a Melbourne Artist.

The cityscape highlights some of the iconic Melbourne buildings. The Redhead series pays homage to a Melbourne icon based company Redhead matches. All artworks incorporate multiple layers of paint & stencils to form a very Melbourne Series.

Contact me if you would like your piece of Melbourne in your home…even if you live far far away 🙂





redhead studio

redhead brickwall

redhead cellar



<p>Born and raised in the Melbourne, Mendo is a professional full time<br /> Abstract Artist of 9 years. His precocious talent started by drawing as a child which led to street art, graphic design and industrial design,<br /> eventually finding a home in studio art. Like most people Mendo chased the formula of life of getting good grades at University for a good job. Even after achieving honours in Microbiology, Mendo went back to his real passion, ART. His great learnings during his thesis in a laboratory taught him to work autonomously and gave him the love for experimenting. These experiments are what you see in Mendo’s works.</p>