Perspex Art – A New Art form ahead of it’s time

Perspex Art

Perspex Art caters to people who want to break the mold on conventional art. Perspex Art is Mendo’s concept of catching the light spectrum into art.

This is an amazing way to capture paint. There is nothing that can be hidden with layers of trial and error, this is a delicate art form that is done carefully to last.

Prices are approx. $1000 per square metre, contact Mendo for a quote.


Perspex Art Promo

the shadows are amazing for the sense of depth to this artform…


2 thoughts on “Perspex Art – A New Art form ahead of it’s time

  1. Steve Lembidakis says:

    Hi Mendo, i am interested in perspex art and was wondering if you could design a three piece abstract art work measuring 1400×1000 approx. I like the one posted on your website (14th November) and would like something similar. Thanks

  2. mendoart says:

    Hi Steve. All Perspex is cut to the exact centimetre you require. I also attach the mounting brackets for you as well. See the additional photo I have just add. The 3 piece artwork would be $1600 plus $220 for 12 mounting brackets.

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