Office Art for boardroom, reception and meeting rooms

FINANCIAL COMPANY MAKE A WISE INVESTMENT…Office Art in the Boardroom & more…

A new office was made and needed to have an energetic and vibrant feeling for clients when they entered the room. The owners and I came together on different designs and several artworks were purchased for the reception room, meeting rooms and boardroom. The owners and staff were extremely happy and so was the interior designer that also worked on the project (Joanna Ford).


office art

If I financial services company thinks it’s a good investment then it must be :)

Office Art can brighten up the look and mode of the workplace.

Call me or email if you have any questions about commissioned artworks and the process. I can meet you onsite with no call out fees. Interstate clients can be serviced via email and phone. I have done this many times. See my gallery page to see many more finished projects.


reception room art



Born and raised in the Melbourne, Mendo is a professional full time Abstract Artist of 9 years. His precocious talent started by drawing as a child which led to street art, graphic design and industrial design, eventually finding a home in studio art. Like most people Mendo chased the formula of life of getting good grades at University for a good job. Even after achieving honours in Microbiology, Mendo went back to his real passion, ART. His great learnings during his thesis in a laboratory taught him to work autonomously and gave him the love for experimenting. These experiments are what you see in Mendo’s works.