Melbourne Pop Art – ‘FOR LOVE OR MONEY’

Melbourne Pop Art

Redhead Matches were an Australian Icon. My other influence for this piece is Roy Lichtenstein – who was born on the same day as Mendo 27th of October (no the same year LOL !  This reaches back to my roots of street art and the great question we all have. Do you do it for love or money? I say do it for money and the money will pop up one day. I hope you enjoy the multiple layers and texture in the piece and feel the strong feel good Melbourne vibes

Nothing is more Melbourne than Stencil Street Art. Melbourne & New York are the biggest cities in the world for street art.

Acrylic and Molotow Spray paint

153cm (W) x 61.5cm (H) x 2cm (D)


You are welcome to inspect the artwork in Mendo’s studio if you’re unsure. You’re guaranteed that all artworks look better than the photos. No pieces require framing with the edges painted to suit the artwork.


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